What is Edwardian Jewelry?

what is edwardian jewelry

The History of Edwardian JewelryEdwardian style of jewelry was named after British monarch King Edward VII ( 1841-1910 ) the eldest son of Queen Victoria. He ruled from 1901-1910. When Prince Albert died, Prince Edward was often at his mother’s side for official royal duties. Delicate Edwardian jewelry designs were a backlash to the mass-produced machine … Read more

What is Victorian Jewelry?

what is victorian jewelry

Victorian jewelry was crafted during the Victorian era between 1837 and 1901. There are three periods within this scope of time.The Romantic Period (1837-1860)The Grand Period (1860–1880)The Late Victorian or Aesthetic Period (1880 -1901)The Victorian era was noted for both fine jewelry and costume jewelry. With the introduction of the Industrial Revolution, jewelry no longer … Read more

Vintage Christmas Jewelry – History and Designers

vintage christmas jewelry

Looking for vintage Christmas jewelry? Learn about the history, designers, and where to buy in this guide.Since Victorian times, people have worn decorative items to show their excitement for the Christmas season. At first, women wore somewhat fragile corsages of fresh sprigs of holly or pine, berries, and colorful ribbons. These were gradually replaced by … Read more

How Sutton Hoo has Influenced Jewelry Design

sutton hoo jewelry guide

Want to learn about Sutton Hoo jewelry? Learn about pieces found at this historical dig and how it influenced jewelry design. The discovery of Sutton Hoo and the archeological findings revealed much about the life of the Anglo-Saxons. The decorative art objects found at the site inspired countless jewelry designers, who incorporated not only elements of … Read more