Native American Turquoise Jewelry Guide

native american turquoise jewelry

Native American turquoise jewelry is highly collectible. You will find finely crafted traditional jewelry made by Native American people including the Navajo, Pueblo, Hopi, Santo Domingo, Tewa, Acoma, and Zuni. Turquoise in blue and green has been important to these cultures for many years for crafting jewelry, most frequently made with silver. Turquoise is often combined … Read more

Vintage Tommy Singer Jewelry Buying Guide

vintage tommy singer jewelry guide

Looking for Vintage Tommy Singer Jewelry? Learn about the history, materials used, jewelry marks, most collectible pieces, and where to buy in this buying guide.Tommy Singer said about his jewelry, “Every piece is made with the various meanings from my traditional ways—the Navajo way of living.”  table of contents Brief History of Tommy Singer JewelryWatch: … Read more