What is Edwardian Jewelry?

what is edwardian jewelry

The History of Edwardian JewelryEdwardian style of jewelry was named after British monarch King Edward VII ( 1841-1910 ) the eldest son of Queen Victoria. He ruled from 1901-1910. When Prince Albert died, Prince Edward was often at his mother’s side for official royal duties. Delicate Edwardian jewelry designs were a backlash to the mass-produced machine … Read more

What is Victorian Jewelry?

what is victorian jewelry

Victorian jewelry was crafted during the Victorian era between 1837 and 1901. There are three periods within this scope of time.The Romantic Period (1837-1860)The Grand Period (1860–1880)The Late Victorian or Aesthetic Period (1880 -1901)The Victorian era was noted for both fine jewelry and costume jewelry. With the introduction of the Industrial Revolution, jewelry no longer … Read more

Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco Jewelry

art deco vs art nouveau

The Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements both were outgrowths of significant world events: the Industrial Revolution and the aftermath of World War I respectively. Both were influenced by ancient, newly discovered art forms. Japanese art, sequestered within its own borders for more than 200 years, was an inspiration to the Art Nouveau jeweler-artists with … Read more

Differences in Vintage, Antique, and Estate Jewelry

what is antique jewelry

Want to learn the differences between vintage, antique, and estate jewelry? Learn how they are different and where to find them online. Understanding the Difference Between Estate, Vintage and Antique JewelryYou may find, as you learn about vintage and antique jewelry, that it is a much more fascinating study than you ever imagined. To discover … Read more

Understanding Art Nouveau Jewelry

By René lalique, 1899 or 1900. Gold, plique-à-jour enamel

Want to learn more about Art Nouveau jewelry? Learn about the history, how to identify, materials used, popular designers, and where to buy. table of contents What is the Art Nouveau Period?What is Art Nouveau Jewelry?The History of Art NouveauTechniques UsedEnamelingFamous Art Nouveau Jewelry DesignersCollecting How to IdentifyArt Nouveau vs. Art Deco Jewelry Art Nouveau vs. Edwardian … Read more