Why Buy Vintage Jewelry?

why buy vintage jewelry

​6 Reasons to Buy Vintage Jewelry

​Connect you to History

​The romance of wearing a piece of history is appealing and has a sense of significance and meaning. 

​Eco-Friendly and Ethical

​By reusing an older piece of jewelry, you are helping to lessen the demand for new products to be created. ​The extraction of raw materials to create new jewelry contributes to pollution and exploitation. You are making a more ethical choice by buying vintage. 


​Compared to the same quality and level of craftsmanship of modern counterparts, vintage jewelry is much more affordable and often increases in value over time. 


​With so many styles to choose from, you are almost guaranteed to find something truly unique to your personal tastes. It is unlikely that someone else will have a ring the same as yours. 

​Timeless Designs

​Some designs have an appeal that never grows old. Choosing a timeless design for something that you are going to be wearing often, or handing down to your children just makes sense.

​High Quality

​Vintage and antique jewelry come from a time before mass production. Many of these jewelry peices are handmade with a level of intricacy and attention to detail that is hard to find today.

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