Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts – An Etsy Gift Guide

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There is someone on your list who would treasure a piece of jewelry from the past. Vintage jewelry is an excellent gift for anyone who has an appreciation for fashion, history, and art. Anyone who honors handcraftmanship will enjoy a piece of jewelry that was made before the introduction of mass-production. For the older generation, vintage jewelry can invoke nostalgia if the person was around before the jewelry was vintage. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts - an etsy gift guide

Vintage jewelry doesn't have to be limited to your romantic partner. A mother, aunt, grandmother, or close friend can be the recipient of a piece of vintage jewelry. The gift of vintage jewelry is a memorable one, it is a gift that can be treasured for generations to come. 

Etsy is my favorite place to shop for vintage jewelry, there is a vast selection of amazing shops with knowledgeable owners and stunning collections. 

In this holiday gift guide, we will share some of our favorite vintage jewelry gift ideas that will show your special someone just how much you care. Most of these gifts that don't need to be sized, so you don't have to worry about the jewelry not fitting. 

10 Vintage Jewelry Gift Ideas 

For the Traditionalist 

Vintage blue agate cameo's make a lovely Christmas gift for anyone who loves the tradition of Christmas. Cameos are a timeless classic, and done in blue agate, they look so ethereal and angelic. A cameo showcasing an angel is a fitting Christmas choice. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for the traditionalist - blue cameos

For the Art Lover

Conversion pieces from Trademark Antiques capture the artistic skills of the past. These conversion pieces use brooches or pins that have been turned into pendants and necklaces. They are exceptionally beautiful and come in many styles. Give the gift of art history with a modern twist. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for the art lover

For the Nature Lover 

A Vintage pressed flower pendant is the perfect gift for a nature lover. Give the gift of an immortalized flower to be treasured for years to come. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for the nature lover

To the Person who Loves Bling

A large vintage cocktail ring is a fitting gift for someone who loves bling. These large rings make a statement and draw attention to themselves, especially when worn out for a night on the town. Make sure to get a proper ring size for this gift. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for bling lover

Super Sparkle Lover

For people who love glitter and sparkle, a vintage halo pendant will give them a healthy dose of it. Diamonds look stunning and give the most brilliance, but if you are looking for something more affordable, opt for cubic zarconia. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for the glitter lover

A Special Mothers Gift

Give the gift of life to the one who brought you life. The affordable stone Tanzanite is considered the "stone of life" by the Masai tribe. It has a beautiful blue color that your mother is sure to appreciate. MS Jewelers on Etsy has many tanzanite pendants in stock, along with many other stones. Another idea is to buy a pendant in your Mother's birthstone. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for mother

For Your Darling Daughter

A locket is a treasured keepsake for any little girl. Buying a vintage locket means the jewelry has a rich history already behind it, which is sure to impress. If you can find a locket from the decade she was born in, it will be even more special. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for daughter

A Gift for Grandma

Nostalgia invoking jewelry is sure to please. Jelly Belly brooches are iconic as well as collectible. Grandmas will surely remember seeing these around. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for grandma

The Minimalist

Simple yellow gold hoop earrings are a timeless jewelry piece that goes with any outfit. Perfect gift for a minimalist who wants practical, multi-purpose, and simple items. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for the minimalist

The Trend-Setter

Chokers are making their way back into high-end fashion. Spring and Summer 2019 fashion trends from top designers include choker necklaces. A cuff style vintage choker is a unique take on this trending accessory. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for the trendsetter

The Fashionista

The fashion enthusiast on your list would enjoy vintage jewelry from one of the most iconic names in fashion - Coco Chanel. A Chanel bracelet is the perfect way to show off a love of fashion. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for fashionista

For the Romantic

For the romantic partner in your life, give the give of a Garnet gold ring. The red color of Garnet symbolizes a strong love or romantic connection. It carries the energies of passion and desire, making it an excellent romantic gift. Make sure to get an accurate ring size before shopping. 

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Gifts for romantic partner

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! If you have any people you need ideas for, leave a comment and I will try my best to help!

Happy Holidays, 

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