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Do you want to know everything about Tacori Jewelry? Our guide offers complete details on the history, materials, jewelry marks, and collectible pieces that we absolutely love.

Tacori Jewelry History

Tacori Jewelry, also known as Tacori Rings, is owned and run by a married couple, Haig and Gilda Tacorian. The founders were both born in Romania, but under the communist regime in the late 1950s, jewelers like the Tacorians had to give up all precious metals.

Haig and Gilda immigrated to the US in 1970 from Romania with the help of their American ancestors. They founded B&T Jewelers with Gilda's father and, in 1979, started their own business, Tacori, in the Downtown LA Jewelry District.

The company initially specialized in selling pearls but later expanded to include diamonds in the early 1990s. Over time, it gained recognition for its bridal jewelry collection, including engagement rings and accessories. This jewelry line became even more popular in the United States after being featured on the television series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in 2003.

Haig commissioned a custom engagement ring in 1998, featuring a unique crescent-heart design. This design evolved into the iconic Tacori crescent silhouette, which is now trademarked and defended through multiple lawsuits.

In 2009, Tacori launched its first collection of gemstones in silver and gold, called "18K925", which embraces the trend of combining different metals.

In 2013, Tacori was named one of the top five most visible jewelry brands by INDESIGN magazine. They were also a finalist for the Jewelers of America's GEM Award for their "Par Chance" ad campaign, directed by Steve Antin, which aimed to associate the brand with the wearer's personality traits.

The jewelry created by Haig & Gilda is a beautiful blend of European sophistication and Californian laid-back style. It has gained worldwide recognition and success. Tacori, known for exceptional jewelry, carries on the original vision of Haig and continues to honor their family's legacy of passion in both work and life. The Tacori Family remains committed to delivering high-quality and perfectly executed designs, upholding this tradition to this day. Their finely detailed designs symbolize timeless connection, bringing people and generations together for eternity.

Tacori is located in the downtown LA jewelry district, but they don't have showrooms. You can schedule virtual appointments, email or phone calls, or shop online or at authorized retailers. They are a family-owned business headquartered in California with stores throughout the US and Canada.

What is Tacori Best Known For?

Tacori is a well-known brand for crafting extraordinary engagement ring settings and wedding bands. Their designs are a beautiful mix of classic and modern elements inspired by heirloom pieces. All of their rings are made from precious metals, with Tacori highly recommending platinum. They also offer 18K yellow, rose, and white gold options for most ring styles, so you can find the perfect ring that fits your style and preference.

The Artisry of Tacori

Tacori produces exquisite jewelry with unmatched precision and attention to detail. Each piece is meticulously crafted to perfection, ensuring breathtaking beauty. The Tacori name is stamped inside every ring band, guaranteeing authenticity.

Tacori's signature style, the Crescent, is known for its unique and intricate design. It is exceptionally challenging to create and often serves as proof of authenticity due to its complexity. The Tacori Touch is characterized by a half-moon design, which consists of interlocking arcs that allow light to enhance the diamond's radiance within each crescent silhouette. This beautiful design is a standout feature of Tacori jewelry.

Tacori's Design Process

Tacori's design process starts with the Head Designer conceptualizing a design, which is then turned into a CAD mockup. The team makes modifications to ensure the final product is both visually striking and durable.

The image is then transformed into a 3D mold of the ring, which is then used to cast the ring with gold, platinum, or silver. Finally, the ring is polished using a combination of hand and machine techniques, blending modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Tacori's team is highly meticulous when it comes to selecting diamonds and gemstones for their stunning rings.
Their designs often include over 100 diamonds, and each one must meet the strictest criteria for cut, color, clarity, and proportion. The selection process is rigorous, and every diamond must meet the "Gorgeous, Very Sexy" standard, which requires a minimum of G color and VS clarity.

Tacori diamonds are ethically sourced and comply with the Kimberley Process, which prevents the mining and exportation of conflict diamonds. Each diamond comes with documentation to ensure it is conflict-free.

Gemstones are carefully set by hand, and the ring is polished before display.

Tacori's Customization Options

For Tacori rings, the options are platinum or gold. Platinum is the superior choice as it is more durable and retains its stunning appearance for longer than gold. The price of each ring is determined by the intricate details and complexity of its design, along with the quality and weight of the diamond.

Tacori offers personalized designs that reflect your unique style, with all modification fees waived. Every Tacori bride can have the ring of their dreams without any restrictions.

For center stones under 2.5 carats, you won't pay extra for modifications. The RoyalT collection allows weights up to 4 carats. Tacori's experts will craft a setting to fit your chosen diamond shape.

Modifying your Tacori setting won't cost you extra fees. You can make almost any changes you want without worrying about additional costs. The only extra expenses you may incur are for additional materials like platinum or diamonds that you add to your modification request.

And finally, there are no extra fees for resizing Tacori rings. Price stays the same for all sizes.

Care of Tacori Rings

Tacori offers a complimentary Promise of Service to keep your jewelry valuable. Their skilled artisans provide standard refurbishing, milgrain touch-up, and sizing services. Simply take your Tacori ring and its certificate of authenticity to an authorized dealer for proper care. They will send it to Tacori and provide updates using your unique serial number.

To keep your ring looking great between scheduled maintenance, remove it during manual labor or household chores. Store it in the provided box or pouch, and clean it regularly with a gentle brush and cleaning solution.

Is Tacori Worth the Price?

When it comes to engagement rings, Tacori is renowned for its superior quality and finish. Their platinum rings are made up of 95% platinum and 5% iridium, resulting in an exceptionally durable ring that boasts a beautiful high-shine finish. Additionally, Tacori offers other metal options, such as 18k yellow, rose, and white gold, which perfectly balances color and durability.

As for Tacori engagement and bridal jewelry, the price may be steep, but the quality and craftsmanship of their pieces make it worth it. Comparing their prices to simpler solitaire settings can be a challenge since Tacori's designs are intricate and unique. Despite the higher price tag, many people find the value they receive reasonable.

It's crucial to understand that Tacori is a luxury brand that prioritizes distinct details. Their aim is to produce jewelry that you'll be proud to wear, and that embodies their name. Like any prestigious designer brand, they strive to create easily recognizable designs. You can rest assured that there are no gimmicks involved and that investing in the Tacori name is a smart move.

Tacori is a brand that values attention to detail and uniqueness over mass production. Their creations are exquisite examples of artisanal beauty that cannot be compared to any other brand, online or offline.

Tacori Collections

The Founder's Collection

The Founder's Collection by Haig Tacorian is a timeless masterpiece. Choose from platinum or gold and customize the diamond solitaire shape. With a minimum 1.50-carat center stone and The unique detail of a diamond at the foundation's bottom, known as the Tacori Touch, this collection is sure to impress.

Simply Tacori Collection

The Simply Tacori Wedding Band Collection features modern and understated designs with unique adaptations of the crescent pattern and playful geometric Tacori Touches. The collection caters to those seeking a sophisticated and contemporary wedding band that complements their engagement ring.

Petite Crescent Collection

Petite Crescent is a delicate version of Classic Crescent. French-cut settings and minimal metal highlight the diamonds. Each ring has a unique Tacori crescent detail inside. Add a diamond bloom around the center stone if desired. The crescent motif is exquisite, crafted by skilled artisans.

RoyalT Collection

If you're interested in a Tacori RoyalT ring with a center stone that's 2.00 carats or more, you can choose between platinum and 18K gold for a luxurious look. You can even visit Tacori's California Design Studios to personalize your ring, including adding a precious heirloom blue sapphire.

Blooming Beauties Collection

A stunning range of rings boasts a center stone that appears to bloom. The two rows of pave set accent diamonds are arranged in a tiered frame, giving the impression of unfurling diamonds. The upper layer adds a bold sparkle to the ring, while the lower layer creates a solid foundation of diamonds.

Classic Crescent Collection

The collection that launched a lifestyle. Each ring features the famous Tacori Crescent design adorned with diamonds along the inner face. The meticulously crafted valleys between the crescents reflect the exquisite brightness of every diamond, whether they are embellishing the collection's ribbon bands or the classic straight bands.

Clean Crescent 

The Classic Crescent has transformed, featuring a revamped design showcasing smaller, more streamlined details. Despite this change, the signature crescent design on the inner faces remains intact. The result is a band and center stone with a more diamond-intense appearance.


The Dantela collection takes its name from the Romanian word for "lace." The rings in this collection are delicate and feminine, with a crown adorned with a layer of diamond lace just below the center stone. This design creates a lovely and romantic aesthetic.

Full Bloom 

The Full Bloom collection of engagement rings from Tacori takes inspiration from the beauty of floral design. The rings feature a single row of blooming diamonds, which are larger in size for a bold and impactful appearance.

Pretty In Pink 

The Tacori Pretty in Pink collection is a beautiful, romantic line embracing the rose gold trend. It includes the most popular designs of each designer, reimagined in rich rose gold. This twist adds an elegant touch of unexpected beauty to the collection.

Reverse Crescent

The Reverse Crescent collection by Tacori is a stunning work of art. It turns the Classic Crescent design upside down to create a unique and beautiful look. The inner face of each ring features open arcs that create windows of light, giving the diamonds a delicate and lacy appearance.

Ribbon Collection

The Ribbon Collection by Tacori features two diamond bands intertwined to symbolize everlasting love. The rings showcase a unique crisscrossing diamond ceiling, with the two ribbons merging into one diamond at the center.

Tacori Gold

Similar to the Pretty in Pink collection, Tacori Gold showcases the most popular designs of each designer, but in a beautiful yellow gold.

Sculpted Crescent

This collection puts a modern twist on the classic Tacori Touch, featuring the iconic crescent design crafted in metal. The outcome is a more distinctive and structured version of the original design.


The most singular of Tacori's collections, these rings are instantly recognizable because they are so different. The center diamond is encased in a liquid metal bezel setting, which features milgrain crescent details that add a touch of elegance to the ring's inner face.

Champagne Sunset 

The golden sunsets of California shine with metallic hues that twinkle like champagne bubbles. Tacori's crescent jewelry features diamonds arranged in openwork twists that are artfully designed and perfect for celebrating any occasion. You'll be raising a toast to every piece. 

City Lights

This collection evokes the style of Old Hollywood, featuring pieces adorned with glamorous details and richly colored gemstones in shades of green, blue, red, and black. 

Classic Rock 

Experience a bold twist on the classic California Dreamin' with edgy black onyx, white chalcedony, hematite, and silver. These structured designs offer a modern take on rock n' roll chic. 

Color Medley

The candy-colored gems set in sparkling white bezels are just as vibrant as the shopping bags held tightly on Rodeo Drive. These playful and bright pieces radiate a sense of luxury. 


When it comes to Tacori, one time is never enough. Each piece in this collection is designed to follow up on an already beloved Tacori piece. Therefore, your diamond pendant and earrings are perfectly matched sequels to your engagement ring, ready to debut whenever you desire. 

Golden Bay 

This collection features a mesmerizing combination of deep blue topaz and hematite that creates an ocean-like effect. The warmth of 18 karat yellow gold adds to the richness of the design, while the diamond pave adds a sparkling touch, reminiscent of the sun shining during a Pacific sunset. 

Island Rains 

The bright blue gems lure you for an island escape, resembling the cool and serene seas on a hot day in California. 

Lilac Blossoms

This collection, inspired by Spring, showcases delicate designs that feature Amethyst, Rose Amethyst, Diamonds, and Chalcedony. 

Love Letters 

End your love note with your initial only. These small monograms serve as lovely reminders of your loved ones. 

Midnight Sun

This collection boasts a blend of Smokey Quartz, Olive Quartz, and Hematite, intertwined with silver, yellow gold, and diamonds. The resulting effect is a sultry and warm display of hazy beauty. 


The unique Tacori script can spell out the word "love" using any combination of letters. Available in white, rose, and yellow with options for diamonds or without, you can personalize the initials of yourself or someone special. 

Moon Rose 

The Tacori collection has a warm and romantic feel, inspired by the beautiful sight of a California sunset and full moon rise aligning perfectly. The collection features delightful pink hues, created using Tacori's signature rose gold alloy, and is adorned with diamonds and peach moonstones. 

Onyx Envy 

You'll have heads turning with envy when you don any item from this Tacori collection. The gorgeous checkerboard-cut quartz, layered over green onyx gems, sparkle brilliantly in both silver and 18-karat yellow gold. The entire line exudes a regal elegance.


These exquisite Tacori bangles are crafted with utmost care and each one represents an unbreakable promise. The bangles are secured with a Tacori key and symbolize a vow that is meant to be kept forever. These bangles are available in various metals, with or without diamonds, and in both oval and round shapes, so that they can be customized to fit the wearer perfectly. 

Sonoma Mist

Imagine spending a serene morning in wine country, taking a leisurely stroll through vineyards that dazzle in the early sun. Each piece of jewelry is as rich and bold as a California wine, with beads that resemble dew drops and warm gold tones that remind you of the California sun. 

Sonoma Skies

Above the landscape, there are beautiful cotton candy skies with a bright shine. This jewelry collection is inspired by those pastel colors, featuring briolette round cut Amethyst and brilliant Sky Blue Topaz set in mixed metals. The designs are light and airy, striking a delicate balance between brightness and beauty. 

Tacori Vault

These pieces of jewelry are masterpieces created by Tacori designers that bring lavish jewelry dreams to life. They feature rare gemstones, numerous diamonds, and intricate metalwork, making them highly collectible. 

Tears of Joy

When life presents us with intense emotions, only the most exceptional gifts can aptly commemorate the occasion. These exquisite teardrop-shaped items showcase sparkling diamonds set in 18-karat gold.

 The Ivy Lane

The jewelry from Ivy Lane gracefully wraps around the fingers of the Tacori Girl, resembling the vines at her beloved upscale lunch spot in Beverly Hills. Designed to be accumulated, layered, and stacked, each piece from Ivy Lane complements one another with ease.

Tacori's Fashion Jewelry 

Tacori offers a collection of fashionable jewelry that is crafted using high-quality materials, just like their bridal jewelry. This ensures that each piece is long-lasting and durable. The fashion jewelry is designed with unique and captivating designs that often incorporate intricate metalwork and enchanting gemstones such as sapphires, diamonds, and other precious stones. 

Tacori's necklaces range from delicate and subtle to bold and statement-making. Earrings come in different styles, including studs, drops, and hoops, and each one features the brand's signature design elements, like the crescent silhouette. The brand's bracelets are equally stunning, often featuring intricate metalwork and gemstones. Tacori's fashion rings are bold and glamorous, making them a perfect addition to any outfit.

Tacori Jewelry Marks

tacori jewelry mark

Materials Used in Tacori Jewelry

  • Platinum
  • Rose Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Precious Gemstones
  • Diamonds

Where to Buy Tacori Jewelry

If you're looking for Tacori jewelry, the official website Tacori.com is a great place to start. You can browse their selection and also search for authorized retailers. Additionally, if you're interested in pre-owned Tacori pieces, Etsy and eBay offer great marketplaces. It's essential to exercise caution and only purchase from reputable shops with high customer ratings and certificates of authenticity.

Our Favorite Pre-Owned Pieces

Based on my extensive research of Etsy and eBay, I have identified exceptional jewelry pieces from reputable shops that specialize in providing authentic and high-quality jewelry. My recommendations are guaranteed to meet your standards and exceed your expectations.

Tacori Diamond Certified Zambian Emerald Platinum Engagement Ring

Tacori Diamond Certified Zambian Emerald Platinum Ring from DoverJewelry on Etsy

Tacori Diamond Certified Zambian Emerald Platinum Ring from DoverJewelry on Etsy

This Tacori piece is made of high-quality platinum and features an eternity design with a stunning Zambian emerald at the center, certified by GRS with minor treatment. There are two trapezoid-cut genuine diamonds on either side of the emerald, along with 33 square baguette-cut and 26 round-cut genuine diamonds. The piece is in excellent condition and comes with a GRS report and official appraisal document.

Platinum Tacori Emerald Cut Sapphire Solitaire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum Tacori Ceylon Sapphire Solitaire Ring from BadisJewelers on Etsy

Platinum Tacori Ceylon Sapphire Solitaire Ring from BadisJewelers on Etsy

This stunning Tacori ring is made of solid platinum and features a 2.75-carat emerald cut sapphire, certified by GIA, with no heat treatment. The sapphire displays a rich purple hue and is complemented by high-quality diamonds. The elegant design includes openwork and delicate milgrain etching, making it perfect for cocktail parties or engagements. The ring comes with GIA certification, ensuring its natural origin from Sri Lanka. It's sure to impress and capture your heart!

Tacori Men's Wedding Band

Tacori Men's Wedding Band from JewelryAuthority on Etsy

Tacori Men's Wedding Band from JewelryAuthority on Etsy

This is an 18k white gold ring that weighs 9 grams and has "Tacori 18k" stamped on it. The ring rises 1.7 mm above the finger and has a band/shank width of 6.5 mm. It's currently a size 10 1/4, but it can be stretched up to a half size by paying a $30 fee.

Professional jewelers thoroughly examine and refinish each piece as needed. Our in-house GIA Graduate Gemologist grades them and inspects for quality before carefully packaging and promptly shipping them to you.

Tacori Diamond White Gold Engagement Ring

Tacori Diamond 18 Karat White Gold Engagement Ring from WilsonsEstate on Etsy

Tacori Diamond 18 Karat White Gold Engagement Ring from WilsonsEstate on Etsy

This gorgeous Tacori ring has a 1.21 carat round diamond (H color, VVS2 clarity) in a unique foliate head design. It also has 0.50 carats of round diamonds (H-J color, VS clarity) along the shoulders, milgrain details, and is made of 18 karat gold. The ring weighs 4.5 grams, measures 7.0 mm north to south, and sits 7.6 mm high. It's a timeless classic.

18k Tacori Engagement Ring

18K Gold Tacori Engagement Ring from TimelessEstateJewels on Etsy

18K Gold Tacori Engagement Ring from TimelessEstateJewels on Etsy

This 18k yellow gold Tacori engagement ring features a .85ct natural diamond in excellent condition with no damage. It includes a maker's mark and diamond signature mark, and an original appraisal value of $3,000. It's a great choice for those looking for a high-quality ring at a good price. Size 4.5 (US), produced between 2000-2009, and weighs 2.6 grams.

Tacori Platinum Princess & Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Tacori Platinum Princess Diamond Engagement Ring from diamonddr16 on eBay

Tacori Platinum Princess Diamond Engagement Ring from diamonddr16 on eBay

This Tacori Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring has a Natural Princess Cut Diamond centerpiece with 4 Natural Baguette Diamonds on the sides. It's currently a size 5 but can be sized for free upon request. The top of the ring is 8mm, and the shank tapers to 3mm. It's hallmarked Tacori, PLAT and comes with an appraisal. Retail value is $10,975+tax.

Tacori Classic Crescent 18K Yellow Gold Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Tacori Classic Crescent 18K Gold Diamond Engagement Ring from wabashjewelers on eBay

Tacori Classic Crescent 18K Gold Diamond Engagement Ring from wabashjewelers on eBay

This Tacori engagement ring is made of 18K yellow gold with a marquise diamond weighing 0.93ct and 36 round diamonds weighing 0.32ct. The total carat weight is 1.25ct. It's in excellent condition and stamped with ''Tacori 18K.'' Retail price is estimated at $7,250 plus tax. Sizing options are available.

Tacori 18K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Tacori 18K Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring from Jewelrygallery2000 on eBay

Tacori 18K Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring from Jewelrygallery2000 on eBay

This 18k white gold engagement ring has a 1.01ct round diamond center, with 100 .78ct round diamonds on the mount for a total weight of 1.79ctw. The top measures 10mm, shank is 3.1mm, and the ring weighs 6.6 grams. It's size 6.5 and includes a report number.


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