Vintage Anniversary Rings – A Traditional Anniversary Gift Idea

Anniversary Gift Ideas - Vintage Anniversary Rings

Thinking about vintage anniversary rings? Here you will learn about traditional stones given on certain anniversary years as well as how to buy them. table of contents Give the Gift of Vintage Anniversary RingsWhy Vintage Anniversary Rings?Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gemstones1st Wedding Anniversary 2nd Wedding Anniversary 3rd Wedding Anniversary 4th Wedding Anniversary5th Wedding Anniversary6th Wedding Anniversary7th … Read more

Alternative Engagement Ring Ideas – Unique Vintage Stones

alternative engagement stones - peridot

You are here because you are looking for a beautiful and meaningful engagement ring that does not have a diamond as it’s center stone, you want something a little different, you want alternative engagement ring ideas. table of contents Alternative Engagement Ring Ideas Sapphire RubyGarnetEmeraldTourmalineTopazAmethystPeridotAquamarineConclusion The focal use of diamonds in engagement rings only came into fashion … Read more

The Best Vintage Jewelry Shops on Etsy

best vintage jewelry shops on etsy

There is a huge selection of vintage items available on Etsy. The key to having a great shopping experience on Etsy is to find great sellers that offer excellent customer service and reasonable return policies. Vintage jewelry is becoming more and more popular, with its unique character, unmatched craftsmanship, and timeless quality. We have done … Read more