Vintage and Antique Diamond Cuts : A Basic Guide

Vintage and antique diamond cuts are a throwback to an earlier time, before the invention of technology that would allow for modern day diamond cutting. In this article, you will learn all about the different diamond cuts that are used in vintage and antique jewelry. table of contents What Does “Cut” Mean?Diamond StructureWhat is the … Read more

Vintage Asprey of London Jewelry Guide

vintage asprey of london jewelry

Want to learn about Vintage Asprey of London Jewelry? Learn about the history, materials used, how to identify a fake, and where to buy in this guide. table of contents A Brief History of Asprey of LondonCelebrating 240 YearsMaterials Used in Crafting Asprey of London JewelryThe Woodland CollectionOak Leaf MotifThe Daisy Collection Sunflower CollectionThe 167 Collection Engagement … Read more