Vintage Kirks Folly Jewelry Guide

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Looking for vintage Kirks Folly jewelry? Learn the history, materials, jewelry marks, our favorite collectible pieces, and where to buy.

Their jewelry is fabulous, fantastical, whimsical and playful. If you are looking for vintage Kirks Folly jewelry, then you have come to the right place. Here you will learn about the history, materials, jewelry marks, our favorite collectible pieces and where to buy them.

“Dreams Really Do Come True”

The Kirks Folly collection covers a wide spectrum of themes, from fantasy to storybook legends, to mermaids to romance. As Jennifer Kirk explained it, “We get our inspiration from every magic around us, especially from our customers. Many of the Kirks Folly pieces were inspired by special dates on the calendar such as Christmas and Halloween.” Kirks Folly pieces include bracelets, pins, earrings and more. Their statement jewelry is made with extraordinary detail, each telling a story or setting a whimsical theme.

History of Kirks Folly

1979 – Sisters Helen and Jennifer Kirk launch Kirks Folly on their kitchen table. Helen is the designer; Jennifer manages the production. They start by making accessories and hair ornaments, including headbands, barrettes, ribbons, clips, bows and hairpins, suing bird feathers, faux pearls, crystals, shells, fur, wooden buttons and more.

Bloomingdales is so impressed with their “Glitter Sticks” – which are hair ornaments made from chopsticks wound with embroidery thread and decorated with charms, beads and shells – that they are trademarked under the Bloomingdales name and sold into the store, enjoying remarkable success.

1980 – The New York Times publishes a front-page article about Kirks Folly, giving the company its first taste of major publicity. The company begins to expand its product line into brooches and other jewelry.

Early 1980s – Vogue Magazine features a model wearing Kirks Folly brooches. The family business is joined by brother George, their sister Elizabeth and their mother. Almost all the products are still handmade.

Kirks Folly Large 'astral' Fairy Brooch from BrambleAndLily on Etsy

Kirks Folly Large 'astral' Fairy Brooch from BrambleAndLily on Etsy

1992 – QVC decides to take a chance on the Kirk sisters’ whimsical, fairy-tale designs, which are unlike anything they’ve ever sold before. Their line sells out in 40 minutes! Soon, Kirks Folly is selling in London, Germany, Italy and Japan.

The scale of production increases internationally and small factories are opened in China and France.

2014 – Kirks Folly’s contract is not renewed by QVC. The original company closes after 35 years in business.

2017 – Sensing a return to vintage, QVC brings back Kirks Folly to the show for a 2-hour special and discovers they still have a loyal following. “The Good Witch” Jennifer Kirk is back selling in front of the camera and returns for another special show in 2018.

Feb 11th, 2022 – You can still see Kirks Folly on Facebook, as Jennifer and Helen host their Fairy Special Value Lucky Charms show - and watch as they blow fairy dust at you!

Materials Used

  • Gold plate
  • Stainless steel
  • Alloys
  • Diamond
  • Ruby
  • Rhinestone
  • Turquoise
  • Enamel
  • Rose gold
  • Moonstone
  • Shells
  • Stones
  • Fabric
  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Glass
  • Crystals
  • Ribbons
  • Feathers
  • Faux Pearls

Jewelry Marks

  • Kirks Folly name stamped in metal
kirks folly limited edition mark

Vintage Kirks Folly Collectibles 

Kirks Folly pieces are widely available on the internet, on Amazon, Poshmark, and eBay.

Iridescent Kirks Folly Moon Necklace from JellicleCatTreasures on Etsy

Iridescent Kirks Folly Moon Necklace from JellicleCatTreasures on Etsy

Etsy carries a wide section of collectible jewelry. We are particular fans of their Seaview Moon collection which shows a beaming, benevolent full moon face on each piece. Themes of angels, fairies, and charms also typify the Kirks Folly look.

Limited Edition Kirks Folly family Affair Angel Angel Pin

Limited Edition Kirks Folly family Affair Angel Angel Pin from BlueHillBrooches on Etsy

Those of you who love the Kirk sisters’ whimsical designs, their return to childhood fairy stories, and their detailed themed fantasy pieces will be happy to learn that they are becoming highly collectible.

We encourage you to dive into their dream world.

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  1. I purchased a Kirks Folly blue crystal bracelet years ago from Him fr QVC and I don't remember what I paid for it..I probably wore it twice and can't find an online picture of it..I am curious as to what it is worth today..can you help me?

  2. hi there, can you tell me if all kirks folly pieces are signed, I have some which were sold as kirks folly, but they have no name on the back. thank you

  3. I have an Angel Wing necklace and was wondering if it was an original piece of Kirk’s Folly. It’s stamped but kinda looks like it’s been glued on…? I found one online for $135.00, is that correct? Also, how many of them were made identical?


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