Best Lab-Created Diamonds – A Guide on How and Where to Buy

best lab grown diamonds

Top Recommendation:It is imperative that you buy your lab-grown diamonds from a reputable dealer that offers high-quality photos and diamond certification. We recommend James Allen and Blue Nile for their selection and excellent customer service.  Are you looking for a cost-effective, conflict-free, and environmentally friendly diamond? Then, you might want to consider a lab-grown diamond; they … Read more

How to Buy Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings

how to buy lab created diamond engagement ring

There is an emerging trend in the diamond engagement marketplace towards purchasing lab-created diamond engagement rings. With increased consumer interests in sustainability and a desire for larger, more impactful stones, more and more people are falling out of love with natural mined diamonds. table of contents What is a Lab-Created Diamond?Are They Real Diamonds?Why Choose … Read more

Lab-grown Diamonds Vs Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia: What You Need to Know

lab-grown diamonds vs moissanite and cubic zirconia

When you go shopping for that special piece of jewelry, “diamond” often comes to mind. It is, after all, long admired and desired all over the world. But there are alternatives to traditional mined diamonds: lab-grown diamonds, moissanite and cubic zirconia. While they look similar, they are very different. In this article we will cover … Read more

Lab-Created Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

Lab-Created Diamonds versus Natural Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are also known as “man-made,” “cultured,” “synthetic,” or “engineered” diamonds. What they are not is “cubic zirconia.” A CZ is a substitute for a diamond. Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds that share many of the attributes of a natural diamond. In this article you will learn the similarities and differences of lab-created diamonds vs … Read more