Vintage David Webb Jewelry Guide

Vintage David Webb Frog Brooch from 47ddc on eBay

Looking for vintage David Webb jewelry? Learn about the history, materials used, jewelry marks, and collectible pieces in this guide.David Webb, an American jeweler from Asheville, North Carolina, is renowned for his colorful enameled animal designs from the 1960s. His creations, including striking gold necklaces, vibrant sautoirs, and Maltese cross brooches, continue to be admired … Read more

Vintage Enamel Pendants – A Buying Guide

vintage enamel pendants

Looking for vintage enamel pendants? Learn about different enameling techniques and the designers that used them.For thousands of years, jewelry designers/artists have used enamel to add color without having to rely on gemstones and to add a painterly or illustrative quality to their work.Enamel is the fusion of powdered glass to metal. A thin coat … Read more

Buying Guide to Vintage Enamel Jewelry

vintage enameled jewelry

Many jewelers use precious and semi precious gemstones to provide vibrant pops of color to their pieces. Another method of adding color though, is with the use of enamel. In this article, you will learn all about various types of vintage enamel jewelry.  table of contents What is Vintage Enamel Jewelry?What are the Types of … Read more