Vintage Lia Sophia Jewelry Guide

vintage lia sophia jewelry guide

If you are looking for vintage Lia Sophia jewelry, then you have come to the right place. Here you will learn about the history, materials, jewelry marks, our favorite collectible pieces and where to buy them. table of contents Who is Lia Sophia?About Lia SophiaHistoryLia Sophia Jewelry MaterialsWhat are Lia Sophia Rings Made out of?Is … Read more

Vintage Napier Jewelry Buying Guide

vintage napier jewelry buying guide

Looking for Vintage Napier Jewelry? Learn about history, jewelry marks, materials used, collectible pieces, and where to buy in this guide.James Napier refused to use the term “costume jewelry”; he preferred “fashion jewelry.” He also insisted that rhinestones be called “foil-backed faceted crystal stones.” He did not want his jewelry to be associated with anything … Read more