Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings Buying Guide

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Time and again, we have reiterated the importance of buying diamonds from reputable and trusted vendors only. We particularly love Point No Point Studio on Etsy for its selection of salt and pepper diamond rings. 

In this article, you will learn the how's and why's of buying a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring.

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable moments in a person's life, and what makes this day distinctively unique is the 'engagement ring.' An engagement ring not only adds to a person's beauty but symbolizes love and commitment. 

A diamond engagement ring is a priceless possession, and people go beyond their capacities to research, choose, and buy the best engagement ring. For example, some people go with the classic and traditional round brilliant stone. In contrast, some people want something more unique and experiment with a different shapes such as the oval, pear, emerald, etc. Similarly, some people insist on fancy-colored diamonds.

Now, if you are someone who wants to stand completely out of the crowd; want to wear a glorious diamond, but something which is truly different from the rest, then a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring is for you!  

What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

You may be aware of the 4C's used to grade and price diamonds – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. A diamond with many inclusions (tiny imperfections that affect the diamonds clarity) will have a lower clarity grade than a diamond with no visible imperfections. However, with a salt and pepper diamond, those inclusions are what make it special.

A salt and pepper diamond is a diamond with ample black and white inclusions. These inclusions create the black and white marks in the diamond, hence the term 'salt for white, and 'pepper' for black. Salt and pepper diamonds have a unique silky gray, spotted appearance that sets them apart from regular diamonds. 

Depending in the inclusions, salt and pepper diamonds can be close to black, dark or light grey, milky, or almost colorless. They can have hues of green, yellow, orange, or red. 

To be a salt and pepper diamond, inclusions must be a prominent feature.

Salt and pepper diamonds are known for their earthiness, depth of color, and shimmering icy gray appearance. These black and white marks are the unique quality of salt and pepper diamonds, making them unusually attractive and adding a dramatic twist to an engagement ring. 

Salt and Pepper Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Salt and Pepper Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - See it Here

What are Some Names for Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are also known as Dalmatian Diamonds, Galaxy Diamonds, and Grey Diamonds.

Durability of a Salt and Pepper Diamond

Diamonds are the strongest mineral on earth, with a MOHS rating of 10. 

The durability of salt and pepper diamonds will depend on size and cut, as well as the number of inclusions present. Because salt and pepper diamonds contain many inclusions, they are technically less durable than colorless diamonds with minimal inclusions. However, a salt and pepper diamond is still extremely durable compared to other colored gemstones and many types of glass-enhanced diamonds. 

A salt and pepper diamond from a reputable dealer will stand the test of time. 

The 4C’s of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Comparing Salt & Pepper with Regular Diamonds

Usually, the 4C's (color, cut, clarity, carat) of a diamond are taken into account when evaluating price, the higher a diamond's grade on these 4 scales, the more perfect and expensive it is. However, this grading does not apply to salt and pepper diamonds.

Salt and pepper diamonds are not evaluated in the same way as colorless diamonds and no grading report is provided for these stones.

To make the matter clearer, let's compare and examine the 4C's of regular diamonds to salt and pepper diamonds.


All diamonds possess some level of imperfection. Even diamonds with the best clarity have microscopic inclusions. In colorless diamonds, a better clarity grade defines a finer quality stone.

But, in the case of salt and pepper diamonds, these black and white inclusions are the unique feature that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Salt Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

Salt Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring - See it Here


In a colorless diamond, color grades the whiteness of the diamond. The whiter a diamond, the more expensive it is. Then, there are colored diamonds (such as pink, green, blue, etc.) that are costly and rare, they are graded on a different color system. 

With salt and pepper diamonds, there is no consensus on what color is best, its all based on personal preference. 

Depending on the amount of white and black inclusions present, these diamonds can appear silky grey or almost black in appearance. Inclusions usually consist of opaque minerals such as graphite, hematite, or pyrite. The more black the inclusions, they more grey or dark the stone will appear. 

Check out this color chart from Gem Breakfast.


In a regular diamond, the cut is a quality that brings out the sparkling shine of a diamond. Therefore, cut is considered one of the most crucial factors when purchasing a colorless sparkling diamond. 

Salt and pepper diamonds have heavily reduced brilliance due to a significant number of inclusions. For this reason, even a brilliant-cut cannot bring out the sparkle in these stones. So, to counter this, artisans opt for fancy cuts for salt and pepper diamonds.

Fancy cuts for these stones include step cuts, rose cuts, and shapes like hexagons, pear, oval, triangle, kite, round, and coffin. 

Rose cuts are very popular for this stone, they give it a classic vintage look, and adds to the stones brilliance. 


Carat weight is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. For a regular diamond, the price increases with an increase in carat weight.

Salt and pepper diamonds are easier to find in large sizes as they are comparatively much more affordable and available. Due to this, the price of salt and pepper diamonds doesn't increase with size drastically. Therefore, mathematically, the same carat salt and pepper diamond price would be around three-quarters less than a regular diamond.

Do Salt and Pepper Diamonds Make a Good Engagement Ring Choice?

Salt and pepper diamonds are a trend of today's times and well-received, especially by millennials. They have become a favorite of those who want to stand out of the crowd.

We know that you still wonder if salt and pepper diamonds would make a good engagement ring choice. Don't worry; we have listed some factors that will surely make a choice easier for you!

  • Salt and pepper diamonds are unique: They are very appealing due to their peculiar silky gray, spotted look. Each stone possesses a character of its own and is unique in its own way. So, if you want something that stands apart, then this could be your pick.
  • Salt and pepper diamonds are affordable: Regular diamonds are expensive, fancy colored diamonds are more expensive, but contrary to these, salt and pepper's are much more affordable. So, if you want something which is easy on the pocket and unique at the same time, then salt and pepper diamonds might be your choice.
  • Salt and pepper diamonds have high versatility: The quality of these diamonds is that you can use them in any style - vintage, contemporary, rustic, or bohemian. Whether you want a subtle design or looking forward to an ultra-stylish design, they can fit into any form. No matter what your pick is, you can use them as per your preference without any doubt.
  • Salt and pepper diamonds are environment-friendly: If you strongly believe in saving the environment, these stones are the best choice. The reason is that mining salt and pepper diamonds hardly causes any disturbance to the environment as they are available in abundance compared to regular diamonds.
  • Salt and pepper diamonds exemplify ‘perfection in imperfection’: Someone wise once said that perfection is achieved when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their imperfectness in their relationship. The imperfectness of salt and pepper diamonds, i.e., black and white inclusions, gives a message to look over the imperfections and focus on your love for each other.
Raw Diamond Salt and Pepper Hexagon Engagement Ring

 Raw Diamond Salt and Pepper Hexagon Engagement Ring - See it Here.

Settings that Pair Well with Salt and Pepper Diamonds

  • Salt and Pepper Diamonds pair well with yellow and rose gold settings. These metals bring out the colors and patterns of the stone, creating a sophisticated look.
  • White gold settings give salt and pepper diamonds a cooler, icier look, creating a contemporary feel.
  • Pair salt and pepper center stones with tiny, sparkling white diamonds for added brilliance and contrast. Look for halo and side stone settings.
  • Bezel settings are popular, as the metal frames and highlights the look of the stone.

Where do you Buy Salt and Pepper Engagement Rings?

Individuals today have learned to embrace their individuality and their imperfections rather than trying to be perfect. With the natural imperfections of a salt and pepper diamond, you can show the world that you love being yourself!

Now, when you have decided to buy a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring, the bigger question arises: "where do I buy it?" Well, we will sort that out for you!

Unique Engagement and Wedding Rings Eco by PointNoPointStudio

Unique Eco-Friendly Engagement and Wedding Rings by PointNoPointStudio on Etsy

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They have innumerable options, designs ranging from traditional to modern and unique stones. Furthermore, they have the option of customization as per your preference and taste. Fantastic, isn't it!

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What do you think of salt and pepper diamonds?

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