Morganite Engagement Rings – A Buying Guide

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Morganite engagement rings have seen a surge in popularity owing to their beautiful pink color. And the fact that colored gemstones are in fashion adds to their popularity and demand in the market. What's more! They are a hot favorite because they are the most affordable of all the pink-hued stone choices available in the market.  

An engagement ring is a symbol of the beautiful journey that two people embark upon when they decide to spend their lives together. It is a symbol of their dedication, love, and commitment to each other. Therefore, for this reason, not every engagement ring needs to flaunt a huge diamond as cleverly marketed by the diamond industry. 

Many other beautiful gemstones look stunning in engagement rings. However, if you want something gorgeous yet unique, you should consider morganite engagement rings.

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What is a Morganite?

Morganite is a pink to orange-pink-hued semiprecious gemstone and a variety of beryl. Emeralds and aquamarine stones also belong to the same family. Traces of manganese result in its magnificent rose, magnolia, and peach tints.

Morganite was first discovered in Madagascar in 1911 by J.P Morgan and was initially named "Pink Beryl". However, it was later renamed "Morganite" to honor its founder.

Most of the morganite available in the market comes from pegmatite mines in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Brazil, and Madagascar. 

Morganite is considered to be the stone of divine love that is connected with the soul, the heart, and love. With its soft pinkish hue, morganite is often associated with love, passion, and romance, and is believed to bring healing, compassion, and promise to those who wear it.

Morganite Durability

Morganite scores 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale for hardness. It is durable enough for daily wear as long as it is treated with proper care to protect it against damage, scratching, and chipping. Periodic maintenance and the right care will make the morganite last for a lifetime.

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How to Buy Morganite?

People don’t purchase precious or semiprecious stones every day and morganite is no less. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the important factors before picking up jewelry of your choice.


Morganite’s color is often quite pale from peach to pink, increasing in intensity with the size of the stone. Deeper colors are usually more desirable which increases the value of the stone significantly. Stones with pink shades are typically a bit pricier than peach shades, but both look stunning in jewelry pieces.

Almost all morganite gemstones undergo heat treatment to improve their pink color. Heat treatments remove orange or yellow tints from the stone to reflect an alluring and purer pink shade.   

Morganite shades fall in the neutral shades category and complement most other shades. Therefore, one doesn't need to stress a lot about matching it with the outfits.


Usually, morganite is eye clean, which means that no inclusions are visible to the naked eye. It’s worthy to note that faceted morganite usually does not have eye-visible inclusions. Morganites with numerous eye-visible inclusions are usually carved cut as cabochons. Morganites with visible inclusions are generally not used in jewelry unless the flaws are cleverly hidden by the setting. Look for a clear, lustrous stone that doesn’t contain inclusions.


The cut of a morganite is very important because it can impact the overall brilliance and value of the stone. Morganite is a versatile stone that can look great in a variety of shapes. It is cut in all standard shapes and sizes as well as in unique designer cuts. But, the most popular choices are round brilliant, oval, cushion, or emerald cut.

Since cut grading is almost non-existent for colored stones, it is critical to pay attention to how each morganite looks to your eye. Make sure it looks lively and symmetrical. 


Morganite commonly grows in larger crystals, which makes them relatively more affordable when compared to other precious or semi-precious gemstones. So, you may buy large-sized morganites at a more friendly price than other stones.

Morganite is a relatively affordable stone. Morganites are less dense than diamonds and some other gemstones which means that a diamond and a morganite of the same carat weight would differ in their sizes. For this reason, morganites are usually measured by size (in millimeters). A carat can cost between $100 – 300, however, the price can be affected by other factors such as the 4cs.

Morganite Engagement Ring Settings

As morganite is versatile, it can be set in a variety of styles to suit your taste and preference. Morganite rings are usually set with light-colored morganite as the light passing through the gemstone produces a star-like sparkle.  The only thing to remember is to choose a setting that provides more protection to the stone.

Bezel Morganite Round Cut 1.5ct Solitaire Ring from Esdomera on Etsy

Bezel Morganite Round Cut 1.5ct Solitaire Ring from Esdomera on Etsy

A few of the most popular options are:

  • A rose gold setting looks incredible with morganite as the pink undertones of the metal reflect the color of the morganite stone greatly enhancing its pink color.
  • A halo setting with diamonds is a great way to enhance the beauty of the center morganite stone. The colorless diamonds create eye-catching sparkle and a visual contrast that highlights the color of the morganite stone in the center.
  • The bezel setting offers great protection as the metal surrounding the morganite protects the gem from damage.

Taking Care of Your Morganite Ring

‘Care’ is the keyword for that long-lasting and forever shining and sparkling jewelry.

  • Remove your ring before doing any physical activity that may cause harm to it such as exercising, washing hands, heavy lifting, etc.
  • Avoid applying pressure to your rings. Any kind of overpressure can result in stone getting loose, scratching, chipping, or any other kind of damage.
  • Stay your morganite ring away from any strong chemicals and exposure to high heat.
  • With time, oil, dirt, and grime can build up on the stone making it appear cloudy. Lukewarm soapy water or a mild soap can be used to clean it along with an ultra-soft brush.
  • For morganites that do not have inclusions or fractures, ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners are also safe alternatives.    
  • It is a good idea to store morganites separately in small boxes or bags to avoid any scratches.
Cushion Cut Morganite Engagement Ring from Lomantic on Etsy

Cushion Cut Morganite Engagement Ring from Lomantic on Etsy


There are hundreds of places you can buy morganite engagement rings from both online and in person. However, we always and strongly insist on buying jewelry only from trusted and reputed sellers.

Shopping in person has its benefits but online shopping certainly outshines those with its entire world of morganite jewelry to explore. Multiple filters for budgeting and sorting, ease of comparison, hi-tech images at different angles are just a few of the benefits of online shopping. And what’s more?! You can do all that without stepping out of home, just at the click of a button.  

Etsy is one of the most renowned global online marketplaces. They have an exquisite range of morganite jewelry, suiting to a wide range of styles and budgets. 

A few of the Etsy shops I recommend are:

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Shop now to add this divine piece to your jewelry collection! 

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