How to Buy an Engagement Ring on Etsy

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So you are looking to buy an engagement ring on Etsy? Whether you are purchasing an antique, vintage, or new ring for your lover, I am here to help! Keep reading to learn how to purchase, and be happy with a ring you absolutely love from the Etsy online marketplace.  

Did you Know?

In 2016, Mila Kunis revealed that she purchased her and husband Ashton Kutcher's wedding bands from Etsy because it was the only place she could find the super-thin platinum band that she was looking for.

Are you Scared of Buying on Etsy?

Shopping online is relatively new, and purchasing a big ticket item such as an engagement ring is not a task to be taken lightly. I understand why you may have apprehensions about purchasing an engagement ring on the internet. 

You may be worried that you will get ripped off, that the ring will not be what you expected or that the quality will not be good. You may fear having hassles with sizing, that the ring won't look as good in person, or that your ring will get lost in the mail. You are putting your faith in another human to create and ship you a ring that will be worn daily. 

I understand why this seems daunting, but let me assure you, you can have an excellent experience buying an engagement ring from Etsy, you just have to follow some practical guidelines and do some research before you make a purchase. 

I am Here to Help

I am going to help you address these concerns, so that you can feel good buying your precious love an engagement ring on Etsy. 

how buy an engagement ring on etsy

Why Shop on Etsy?

  • Vast selection of various styles of rings
  • Unique rings that you cannot find anywhere else
  • Super affordable options due to the use of gemstones other than diamonds 
  • Eco-friendly options such as fair-trade diamonds and recycled metals
  • Customization is commonly offered - get a ring that is truly your own
  • Supporting small business and artisans
  • You can talk directly with your seller via Etsy's messaging platform
  • The customer service can exceed big box stores - these small businesses can't afford unhappy customers. 
  • Behind the shops are real people who love making jewelry

How to Buy an Engagement Ring on Etsy

Be Specific in Your Search

Narrow down your search if you want something specific, the search term, "rose gold aquamarine engagement ring" will return more accurate results than the term, "pretty ring". 

How to shop on Etsy

You can use the category filters on the left-hand side to limit your results – for example, you can filter by category, price, country, and whether the item is new or vintage. 

Find a Seller with Lots of Positive Reviews

Reviews are a great way to know if a seller has consistently provided a good service, you know a shop is good if the feedback is good. 

Finding an Etsy seller with positive reviews

Message Someone who Left a Review 

Try messaging one of the reviewers and ask them about their experience, most people are friendly and willing to share. The bonus of messaging them privately is that you can find out how they feel about their ring now, after some time has passed since writing their review. 

Add shops you Like to Your Favorites 

When you find a shop you like and you navigate away from it, it can be hard to find it again. Add the shop to your favorites so you can easily return and you will also get notifications when they post a new item. 

Add the Etsy Shop to your favorites

Pay with a Credit Card

Paying with a credit card will give you buyers protection. Etsy does have a Buyer Case Resolution you can file if something goes wrong, but I wouldn't rely on it. 

See if the Seller Insures their Packages

A reputable shop will insure the packages they ship, so if your ring does get lost in the mail, you will get some money back. The seller may state their insurance policy within their policies section, or you may have to message them and ask. 

how to buy an engagement ring on Etsy - insure shipping

Message the Seller

Start a conversation! Sellers that are responsive, friendly, and enthusiastic are going to be a joy to do business with. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions and get a feel for the person you are buying from. Some good questions to ask are, what happens if the ring doesn't fit? What type of ring do they suggest for your taste, budget, and lifestyle? How do they guarantee their product? Will they repair your ring if it gets damaged? Do they offer insurance? Will they take payments?

Know Your Measurements 

You want to be sure on ring size, to minimize the chances of having to get a ring resized. 

Read: How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home Or Watch this Tutorial on How to Measure Your Ring Size:

Read the Shops Policies 

Every shop on Etsy is different, so you will have to do some research. You want to be familiar with a shops return, refund and/or exchange policy. This is not something you want to skip, you can easily find a shops policy page by clicking on the "Policies" tab in the shop's menu.

read a shops policies

There are many Etsy sellers who accept returns, but not all of them do. Don't count on being able to return something unless it specifically says you can, and don’t forget to check and see if you’ll be responsible for return shipping.

Factor in Shipping

Etsy does not display shipping costs in the price, so read the shop's shipping policy and remember to factor it into your cost. 

Check to See if Stones Are Certified

If your ring contains precious stones, check to see if it comes with a certificate of authenticity (such as one from the GIA) or if you can request one. 

GIA certification on engagement rings

At the very least, you should get an itemized receipt detailing the cut, carat, and any other details about the materials used as well as price for the setting and stones. so you can have the ring appraised. You will need an appraisal if you want to have your ring insured. 

Ask for More Photos

If there aren't enough photos, you can ask for more. You want to see the ring from various angles, and it is nice to see it on a finger. You could even try asking the seller to send you a quick video of the ring, then you can see the ring in action. 

Get Your Ring Appraised and then Insure it

Once you buy your ring, take it to an independent appraiser and have them appraise it. You may be surprised to learn that your ring is worth more than you paid for it (I have read stories of this happening to people who have bought from Etsy).

Now go insure your ring so you can rest easy that if it gets lost or damaged, you will be able to replace it. 

how to buy an engagement ring on Etsy


Don't let the fear of shopping online stand in the way of you and your chosen symbol of undying love and dedication. As long as you find a reputable seller on Etsy, and you follow my tips, you will have a great shopping experience. When that beautiful ring comes in the mail, you can be proud that you took the right steps to make it happen. 

Our Recommended Shops

I have read through hundreds of reviews on Etsy, as well as around the web on forums such as Reddit, and Ask Meta Filter to come up with a list of the best shops on Etsy for purchasing an engagement ring. If you want to cut out the hours of research it can take to find a reputable seller, head over to my list of shops and start browsing! 

Congrats and Happy Shopping, 

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35 thoughts on “How to Buy an Engagement Ring on Etsy”

  1. This is such an important article. It talks about one of the loveliest thing about life and yet can be the trickiest for someone . My uncle was looking to buy one so I shared this article with him so it can be helpful. He really liked the article. He told me it actually removed his stress about this. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Thank you for the informative post.  I have to say, I’m a bit apprehensive about buying a ring online.  The what if’s are many.

    I appreciate the advice you offer and really like the idea of messaging those who have left reviews to see how they feel now vs when they left the comment.

    Your caution about relying on Etsy’s Buyer Case Resolution was not lost on me and I’ll be sure to use a credit card that will offer more protection.

    Proper ring sizing is always a concern and one of the many reasons I tend to prefer an in-person experience.  Thank you for the video on how to measure properly.

    All-in-all you’ve given me a lot to consider.

    Thanks again.

    • Thanks for stopping in Scott. I know buying a ring online can be intimidating, that is why I try to write my guides to be as comprehensive as I can, not everyone can or wants to shop in person. 

  3. Great tips on searching Etsy for a reliable Seller , I have shopped on and bought on Etsy in the past , many people have never heard about Etsy but it’s popularity is growing rapidly. I usually lean towards purchasing products online using Paypal as there is an extra layer buyer protection via their payment system. Just wondering do all Sellers except PayPal on Etsy?

    • Hello Rick, yes many sellers on Etsy take Paypal as a payment source. Another option is to use a credit card, as most credit cards also offer buyer protection.

  4. This article is really helpful i was just planning to buy an engagement ring for my fiancee when I stumbled on this site, now I know where to order my ring from, I hope esty delivery services are fast because i do not know much about them. But I would love to purchase a ring from the site because i feel they can be trusted and are legit. Thank you so much for this post once again it is really helpful.

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 The shipping speed from Etsy will be dependent on where the shop you are buying from is located and whether it is in the same country you are located. 

      Many of the jewelry shops selling high priced items use courier services to ship, meaning they are often delivered quicker than through the post. 

  5.    This is a great site when looking to buy vintage jewelry.They will help you when looking to buy  engagement rings  on Etsy.They have atotoral that will help you in getting the right size  engagement ring . They will also help you find affordable jewelry that is in your price range’

    Thanks for the information

  6. This is such an excellent article.  You’ve given such good advice that I have ‘buyer’s confidence’ with purchasing products on Etsy.  I can apply your advice to other products, I’m sure.

    I’m still used to the old face-to-face kind of shopping.  I’m always nervous about purchasing anything above $50 online!  I can afford to lose $20 and walk away.  I can afford to lose $50 but the principle of the matter will steam me up.  But I cannot afford to lose anything close to a $100 and over.  So I really appreciate this sort of article that at least tells me what to do if my worst fears come through and my package does not arrive.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • You are welcome Cath, buying online can be scary, especially for big purchases, but people are doing it everyday with successful results!

  7. What a nice post, I really attach more importance to this article because searching around for an engagement ring can be the trickest,given the fact that you are presenting it to a partner who means much to you and you wouldn’t want to fall short of the best ring. I will check Etsy for the collections available and I will surely share my experience with you here. Thank you

  8. Hi Andrea! I’m glad I have come across your post! Yeah, this seems daunting! But I’m also encouraged by stories such as that one of Mila Kunis and some others I know.

    I appreciate this guide and I’ll follow it step by step. Yeah, among the benefits of shopping at Etsy I have been told that after taking it to an independent appraiser we usually discover that the ring is worth more than what we paid for it.

  9. Hi Andrea,

    I’ve always been hesitant to buy high end jewelry on Etsy because I wasn’t sure how to tell if it was going to be real quality jewelry or not.  There’s a big different between the color gold and the metal gold.  Thanks for your suggestions on how to buy with ease.  I will most certainly be checking reviews and such in the future.  Do you have suggestions for knowing who to stay away from on sites like Etsy?

    • Hi Kris, there are a few ways to decipher which shops to stay away from on Etsy. 

      One is to read the customer reviews. If there are a lot of bad reviews, or people are consistently saying that they had a bad experience, I would avoid the shop. 

      Another is to read the shop’s return policy. If the people running the shop are confident in the quality of their product and take your satisfaction as a priority, they will have a good return policy. 

      The last way to know if you should avoid a shop is to message the seller and have a conversation with them. If they are friendly, helpful, transparent, and knowledgable, that is a good sign. If they are vague, fail to answer your questions, or don’t answer at all, I would avoid doing business with them. 

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  10. Hi Andrea

    I must confess that I would never have thought of buying such an expensive item on Etsy, but with your advice I think that I would now feel much more confident to do so.

    You show such an interesting and unusual range of rings in a great range of prices – I cannot think of anywhere else that would have such a varied selection all in one place.

     Do you have any idea of the shipping costs to have one delivered to the UK?

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Etsy.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie, I am consistently amazed at the quality of handcrafted items we have access to in the online world. The beauty of these pieces is just breathtaking, and they are made by real people with a real passion! It makes me love supporting these small businesses!  

      The cost of shipping to the UK will vary depending on the shop. Every shop has their own policies when it comes to shipping. Be aware that if you buy from another country, you may have to pay duty fees. 

      The best shipping costs will come from shopping locally. I suggest finding an Etsy shop that is based in the UK. Another option is to look for a seller with free international shipping (hard to come by). 

      My list of reliable Etsy shops for purchasing engagement rings contains shops mostly based out of the US and Canada. But, luckily there is a good amount of reputable shops located in the UK! I will have to create a whole new article for sharing my favorite European shops 😀 For now, I can tell you which ones I love and recommend.

      My favorite Etsy shops for engagement rings that are based in the UK  are:

      Aardvark Jewelry
      William White
      Bijoux de Chagall

  11. Buying a ring from Etsy really seems like a great idea. I have bought other things from there, but I’ve never thought about jewelry.  The sellers I’ve worked with have been lovely people though. Next time I need jewelry, I’ll know where to look!

    Thank you for such a thorough article. I really appreciate the pictures. Your website design is lovely.

  12. Hi Andrea,

    I must admit that I am one of those that is fearful of purchasing high ticket items online! Thank you for am informative article. I love that you walk me through the how to’s of purchasing and what to do and look out for!

    I have learned something new today, I will be book marking your article for future reference, who knows perhaps cupid will smile upon me again and I may just be looking for one of your vintage rings 😉

    Thank you for sharing and teaching.


  13. I think any time you have to trust someone else to do something for you it is normal to be at least a bit nervous right? I think that Etsy is a reliable business with a good reputation. I think in the long run it is better to have a good honest business that builds a good relationship and  a good reputation.

    I like the fact that they have fair trade diamonds and that you can talk to the seller directly. I also know of Etsy meaning it will be at the top of the list whenever I consider buying jewelry again.

  14. I am not a great fan of online shopping, to say the least but I really  like the  idea of  buying a ring  for my wife which I know she will  love very much and Etsy  has the solution we shall be celebrating our anniversary very soon and it won’t hurt if I can get her a ring  on this auspicious occasion

  15. This is a lovely article and I must commend you for putting up this insightful article together. So many useful tips all on one page; I actually bookmarked to look further.

    I have known the online platform etsy for a long time but i haven’t made any purchase from the platform; Etsy popularity is growing on daily basis.

    The tips on getting feedback from those reviewer is the most lovely part of the article. Thanks for your indepth analysis 

  16. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing the information.

    Sometimes I develop phobia in buying stuffs online , though i am not so used to online shopping. the way you review this article has actually built up my confidence. Apart from getting engagement rings, I will like to try my first online shopping on etsy for some other products. But since you don’t display shipping cost, how do one have the insight of the total cost one is about  expend?

    • Hi Michael, thanks for stopping in! Shipping is dependant on the country you are buying from. Shipping overseas is more expensive than shipping locally. You will also have to pay import fees. Finding a shop in your own country will be the most affordable option, but honestly, if you find a ring your absolutely love, the shipping cost won’t matter once you see that ring being worn. 

      If you head over to our article on our favorite Etsy shops for buying engagement rings, you will see some information on shipping, but every shop is different, so you often have to contact the seller to find an exact shipping cost. 

  17. Thanks for sharing this information.I am really not a fan of online shopping, but I can say with this article, I am more convinced with the way articulated your review on  how to get rings and other product on etsy. It is so coincidental and timely that I stumbled on this blog because my uncle is just about getting an engagement ring for his spouse, I am going to introduce this shopping site to him and give it a shot. And I hope the shipping cost is bearable?

    • Hi Micheal, congrats on your uncle’s engagement! The shipping is a bearable cost, especially when you consider that you can get a completely custom made ring from Etsy, and many shops offer free cleaning and repairs. The cost of shipping will be dependant on your location as well as the shop’s location. You will get the best price if you  find an Etsy shop in the same country as you.

      Head over to our article on the best engagement ring shops on Etsy to see which shops we love. 

  18. I have a question maybe not exactly about the engagement ring, but about the purchase procedure itself. I could probably find out when I registered with Etsy. How much I understand then Etsy accept international purchases as well. How much is the shipping costs for say $2K ring if I want it to be sent to Latvia in Europe? Thank you.

    • Hi Andrejs, the cost of shipping will vary depending on what shop you are purchasing from. A store in Canada will cost more in shipping to Latvia than a shop in Europe. You will also possibly have import fees. Every store has its own shipping policies as well, so you would have to read them before purchasing. The most affordable option would be to find a local shop located in Latvia. I had a look and found a custom engagement ring shop located in Latvia called Aleksandr Ven Custom Jewelry


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