Sarah Coventry Vintage Costume Jewelry Buying Guide

sarah coventry vintage jewelry buying guide

If you are looking to add some Sarah Coventry vintage costume jewelry to your collection, you have come to the right place. Here you will learn about the history, designs, materials used, most collectible pieces, how to identify, and tips on how to buy.Sarah Coventry did something that other jewelry brands had not yet done, … Read more

Buyers Guide to Vintage Diamond Pendants

antique diamond pendant and brooch from gold adore

Necklaces and pendants in general are thought to be the highest jewelry status symbol, but when adorned with diamonds, they are surely to be the most coveted! table of contents What is a Vintage Diamond Pendant?History of Vintage Diamond PendantsTypes of Vintage Diamond PendantsA Little About the 4 C’s in Relation to DiamondsTips for Purchasing … Read more

Buying Guide to Vintage Charm Bracelets

how to buy vintage charm bracelets

Want to get your hands on some Vintage Charm Bracelets? Learn about the history, types, most collectible charms and tips on buying.Vintage Charm Bracelets are a fun way to collect something both personal to you as well as rich in personal history of the previous wearers. You can purchase full Vintage Charm Bracelets or even … Read more

Buying Guide to Vintage Cameo Rings

how to buy vintage jewelry - a vintage cameo ring

Want to get your hands on Vintage Cameo Rings? Learn about the history, value, the most collectible types, and tips for purchasing. table of contents What is a Vintage Cameo Ring?History of the Vintage Cameo RingMaterials of Vintage Cameo RingsValue of Vintage Cameo RingsThe Most Collectible CameosTips for Purchasing A Real Vintage Cameo RingWhere to … Read more