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Most Valuable Vintage Brooches

Are you looking for valuable vintage brooches? You have come to the right place, I have done much research to compile a list of the most collectible vintage brooches so you can invest in pieces that will hold their value. 

Included in this article:

  • A list of luxury jewelry designers that are forever collectible. 
  • A list of the most sought-after and highly-collectible brooches for adding value to your collection.
  • Tips for buying quality vintage brooches.
  • Where to purchase vintage jewelry online.
  • Tips for a positive shopping experience. 

Luxury Designers 

These brands created high-end luxury costume jewelry, making their vintage pieces a good investment. Any of the following brands are always worth collecting:

vintage cameo brooch

A List of the Most Collectible Vintage Brooches 

Tips for Buying Vintage Brooches

  • Only buy costume jewelry that is in more or less mint condition.
  • Look at the back of the piece of jewelry, if there is green rust, it means the jewelry has already been damaged.
  • Look for signatures to verify authenticity.
  • Extremely worn plating, missing stones, missing parts, darkened or cloudy rhinestones, clasps that don't work properly, and chipped or scratched enamel all lower the value of a vintage piece.
  • Look for signs of quality such substantial weight, smooth plating and sparkling stones.
  • Avoid obvious repairs such as sloppy soldering and haphazard stone replacements.

Where to Buy Your Vintage Brooches

Did you know that Etsy has an extensive vintage community? I love shopping for vintage jewelry on Etsy. I like how easy it is to navigate and I love supporting small businesses! Etsy makes it simple to read reviews of each shop, so you can shop with confidence knowing other people have had positive shopping experiences. [See our favorite Etsy Shops]

I also really enjoy shopping on eBay for collectible vintage brooches. The selection is massive! 

Tips for Shopping for Vintage Jewelry Online

  • Make sure you search within the Vintage section or use vintage in your search terms. 
  • Look for shops with lots of positive reviews.
  • Read the shop's "Shipping and Policies" tab before making a purchase decision.  
  • Read reviews and buyers feedback, only buy from shops with consistently happy customers.
  • If you find a shop you like, add them to your favorites or bookmark them so you can find them again.
  • Be specific in your search keywords.


There you have a list of the most valuable vintage brooches, as you can see there is quite a lot of them! 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! I always answer. 

Happy Hunting, 

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