11 Unique Oval Diamond Engagement Rings on Etsy

unique oval diamond engagement rings

On the hunt for unique oval diamond engagement rings for your love? Then, you have come to the right place! Etsy is an exceptional marketplace for quality jewelry, so look at our top picks and get one step closer to celebrating your love today.What is an Oval Diamond?Oval diamond engagement rings have become trendy over … Read more

Vintage and Antique Diamond Cuts : A Basic Guide

Vintage and antique diamond cuts are a throwback to an earlier time, before the invention of technology that would allow for modern day diamond cutting. In this article, you will learn all about the different diamond cuts that are used in vintage and antique jewelry. table of contents What Does “Cut” Mean?Diamond StructureWhat is the … Read more

All About Tiffany Diamonds

all about tiffany diamonds

Want to learn more about Tiffany Diamonds? You have come to the right place! Learn about the history and intrigue of some of the most sought after diamonds in the jewelry world. A Brief History of Tiffany DiamondsTiffany & Co. is world renowned for the quality of their diamonds. Paired with exquisite designs, Tiffany diamonds are … Read more

Best Lab-Created Diamonds – A Guide on How and Where to Buy

best lab grown diamonds

Top Recommendation:It is imperative that you buy your lab-grown diamonds from a reputable dealer that offers high-quality photos and diamond certification. We recommend James Allen and Blue Nile for their selection and excellent customer service.  Are you looking for a cost-effective, conflict-free, and environmentally friendly diamond? Then, you might want to consider a lab-grown diamond; they … Read more