Spinel Engagement Rings – How to Buy Guide

spinel engagement ring buying guide

Is a spinel engagement ring right for you and your sweetheart? Learn all about this trendy gem, how to buy, and why it makes an excellent engagement ring stone. Spinel has been used in jewelry since ancient age, however this gemstone has received the well-deserved attention only recently. Till early 20th century, this spectacular gem was … Read more

Alexandrite Engagement Rings – How to Buy Guide

how to buy alexandrite engagement rings

There is no denying the fact that shiny, sparkling diamonds are forever, but have you ever come across a mysteriously captivating gemstone such as ‘alexandrite’?! There is a famous saying for alexandrite “an emerald by day and a ruby by night.” Alexandrite’s rarity and this unique feature, i.e., its ever-changing hue, differentiates it from all other stones and … Read more

Costume Jewelry Designers that use Real Gold

costume jewelry designers that use real gold

Looking for Costume Jewelry Designers that use Real Gold? Learn about the types of gold used in costume jewelry and who used them. All That Glitters Is Not (Pure) Gold. Gold Fill, Gold Plate, and Vermeil Glitter BeautifullyThe Industrial Revolution in the 19th century resulted in machines becoming part of the jewelry making process, and … Read more